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SANTRIM-50 (Injection)



Santrim-50 Injection is indicated for the treatments and control of bacterial infections in sheep, goat, cattle, buffalo, horse and camel. It is particularly effective in the infections of alimentary, urogenital and respiratory tracts. Susceptible infections include:

Calf Diphtheria, Pneumonia, Actinobacillosis, Mastitis, Metritis, Navel ill, Joint ill, Foot Rot, Pasteurellosis (H.S), Enteritis, Strangles etc.


Each ml contains:

Trimethoprim B.P 80 mg

Sulphadiazine B.P 400 mg

Dosage and Administration


1-1.5 ml / 30 kg b.w. IM or slow IV injection.


1-1.5 ml / 30 kg b.w. IM injection only.

A single injection may be adequate in un-complicated conditions, but in severe or complicated conditions, treatment should be continued upto 5 days or until two days after the symptoms have subsided.


Animal Bodyweight Dose
Sheep / Goat 30-60 kg 1 – 2 ml
Buffalo/ Cattle / Horse 300-450 kg 10 – 15 ml
Calves, Foals 30-150 kg 1 – 5 ml

Precautions For Use

Keep out of reach of children

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

Store in a cool and dry place.


10 ml,

50 ml,

100 ml

Pakistan Reg. No. 033270