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Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Sanna Laboratories have achieved its targets of sales and services through a strong and highly trained marketing network. Its maximum production varies throughout the year. However, more than 30 percent oral powder products are produced annually, followed by 20 percent of vaccines, 25 percent of oral liquids and 25 percent of injectables.

In the last fifteen years the sales of different quality products have risen up to many folds, which indicate the real demand at national and at international markets.

Brand Management

For every product coming in the market, there are invisible hands behind the seen. They are the marketers that command a product’s life cycle by providing most up to date information and relevant impetus to the sales team in order to keep them well aware of the demands in the market. We take pride on possessing a very capable professional and motivated sales team who has consistently pertained with excellence over the years. Their role is to develop relationships with the customers. Training is an ongoing process at Sanna Laboratories ensuring that sales functions stay up to date with the latest selling techniques, product knowledge and professional attitude.