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Bioxin-10 (Injection)



Recommended for the smooth muscular contraction in order to correct placental retention and to control post-parturient hemorrhages. However it may also provide milk let-down without any distress to animals. Bioxin-10 also indicated in the treatment of udder odema, mastitis and agalactia.


Each ml contains: Oxytocin 10 IU

Dosage and Administration


To augment or initiate uterine contractions during parturition.

20 Units I/M causes slow, quiet calving, foaling;

40- 60 Units I/M produces, quiet, safe calving, foaling within an hour;

100 Units or more will result in rapid completion of a more active calving, foaling;

I/V doses of 2.5 – 10 Units may be used to initiate parturition.

For induction:

If cervix is dilated at least 2 cm (internal measurement): 40 – 60 Units given I/V  delivery should occur within 90 minutes.

If the cervix is closed or less than 2 cm dilated: give oxytocin in 10 unit increments I/V at 15-30 minute intervals. If the cervix dilates, but no signs of labor are shown, give additional oxytocin of 40 – 60 Units.


To aid in removal of retained placenta:

Oxytocin: 30 – 40 Units I/M at intervals of 60-90 minutes. If parturition occurred more than 24 hours prior to oxytocin, doses up to 80 – 100 Units I/M may be used. Alternatively, I/V doses of 30 – 60 Units may be used until an adequate response is detected via rectal palpation of the uterus.


Oxytocin Infusion:  Add 80 – 100 Units oxytocin to 500 ml normal saline and begin I/V infusion. Adjust rate of infusion according to animal’s reactions. Slow rate if animal exhibits symptoms of excessive abdominal pain. Retained placenta generally expelled within 30 minutes. Gentle traction may help speed up expulsion. If several days have passed since parturition, doses of up to 300 Units (administered rapidly) may be necessary to activate uterine motility.

For mild to moderate cases of acute post-partum metritis:

20 Units I/M 3-4 times a day for 2-3 days.


For obstetrical use. 100 Units I/V, I/M or S/C

 Sheep/Goat: To induce labor.

0.5-1.5 ml OR 5-15 units (I/M, S/C)

0.25-1.0 ml  OR  2-10 units (I/V)

Bitch/Cat: To induce labor.

2 – 20 units I/V or I/M. At least 30 minutes should elapse before giving another dose.

Hen: For egg retention cases.

0.25-0.5 ml OR 2-10 units (I/M, S/C)

Precautions For Use

  • Store at room temperature
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
  • Keep out of reach of children


50 ml Vial

100 ml Vial

Pakistan Reg. No. 027424