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About Sanna Laboratories

Sanna Laboratories was incorporated in 1992 at the Manchester of Pakistan, Faisalabad. From its inception, a relentless pursuit of excellence led by its Patron in Chief, late Hafiz Muhammad Sarwar will be remembered throughout. He initiated his efforts from Sanna Laboratories and further opened up another wing in animal health entrepreneur of AL-HAFIZ ANIMAL FEED INDUSTRIES. He crafted a team of competent man power to develop a culture of commitment and distinction in every area of the company’s operations. Collaboration with other pharmaceutical and allied industries having National and International pride is the main stay of Sanna Laboratories. Research based innovative approach in the development of Quality Standards of products are highly sought attributes of progress in animal health care and animal feed technology. Sanna Laboratories have focused on the manufacturing of state-of-the-art demands by the animal health and veterinary experts of clinical services. 

Future Visions

We, Sanna Laboratories, pledge to bring about prosperity and betterment of mankind through raising healthy animals. The board of directors has a stringent command over the quality conscious delivery of products and bringing about timely changes to meet the upcoming challenges of manufacturing high quality veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines, feed additives and animal nutraceuticals. We strive for excellence in our business practices with the objectives to benefit the veterinarian and the animal population, stockholders and employees to improve the health care and production by providing quality animal health care products.

Social and Cultural Responsibility

Sanna Laboratories are fully cognizant at its social and cultural obligations. We have participated and organized mega events in the country as a token of our responsibility to enhance social and cultural activities in the communities of livestock and poultry farmers. The events include:

Sales and Marketing

Sanna Laboratories have achieved its targets of sales and services through a strong and highly trained marketing network. Its maximum production varies throughout the year. However, more than 30 percent oral powder products are produced annually, followed by 20 percent of vaccines, 25 percent of oral liquids and 25 percent of injectables. In the last fifteen years the sales of different quality products have risen up to many folds, which indicate the real demand at national and at international markets.

Brands Management

For every product coming in the market, there are invisible hands behind the seen. They are the marketers that command a product’s life cycle by providing most up to date information and relevant impetus to the sales team in order to keep them well aware of the demands in the market.

We take pride on possessing a very capable professional and motivated sales team who has consistently pertained with excellence over the years. Their role is to develop relationships with the customers. Training is an ongoing process at Sanna Laboratories ensuring that sales functions stay up to date with the latest selling techniques, product knowledge and professional attitude.

Quality Assurance

Only the best raw materials make it to the finished product, thus ensuring that what rolls off the production line is the finest of products and nothing less. Quality Assurance Department (QAD) is the key area in our organization, where compromise is a totally alien word. Sanna Laboratories are known for enforcing rigorous controls and applying strict standards to quality assurance process and procedures for customer satisfaction. In pursuing this, Sanna Laboratories has achieved ISO certification. Sanna Laboratories infrastructure is fully equipped with state-of-the-art quality assurance and quality control laboratory facilities. We strictly follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for manufacturing quality products under the guidance of British Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopoeia and The British


It is our mission to ensure that the top most quality tools are employed in the process of manufacturing export quality products.
Production plants are comprised of the most modern equipment from UK, USA, Germany and France. Sanna Laboratories have recently inaugurated Edwards Freeze Dryer featuring the manufacture of best quality vaccines. Our qualified and highly skilled staff team is fully cognizant with recent developments in the pharmaceutical technology.