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Sannavit Super (Oral Powder)



Sannavit Super is pioneer in its categories. Its revolutionary formula which contains high quality vitamin including Vit. A,D, E,K and B-complex. Sanna vit super is based on extensive field trials and the added vitamin  provide extra nutritional balance for chicks under seasonal and disease stress. Sanna vit super prove an excellent choice for profitable meat and egg production. It enhances body water retention during heat stress. In all cases of stress conditions related to transportation, vaccination & debeaking. It maintains body vigor and enhance recovery from disease. It also improves hatchability for profitable farming.


Each kg water / soluble powder contains:

Vitamin A 21,990,000 IU                   Vitamin B6    6,100 mg

Vitamin D3  4,199,000 IU                  Vitamin B12  30,900mcg

Vitamin E           8,350 IU                  Vitamin C     10,600 mg

Vitamin K3       9,100 mg                   Cal. Pentothenate 30,700 mg

Vitamin B1        1,280 mg                 Nicotinic Acid    100,100 mg

Vitamin B2        8,000 mg                 Folic Acid      2,125 mg

Dosage and Administration


5 gm in:

20 Liters of Drinking water for better growth and deficiency coverage

40 Liters of Drinking water to overcome stress conditions

100 Liters of Drinking water to maintain growth and health


Store in a dark and dry place at room temperature.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heat.

Keep out of reach of children.

Shake well before use.

Packing (S)

50 gm, 125 gm,  300 gm, 1 kg

Pakistan Reg. No. 026538