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Dekavit Forte (Oral Powder)



Dekavit-Forte controls sterility Nutritive and other factors, Loss of blood during debeaking, coccidiosis and pecking. Improves egg production, hatchability and ensures steady growth.


Each kg contains:

Vitamin A    25,000,000 IU

Vitamin D3     3,00,000 IU

Vitamin E         4,000 mg

Vitamin K3         2,000 mg

Dosage and Administration


1 gm per 1 liters of drinking water for 5 – 7 days.

Precautions For Use

Use only on veterinarian advice.

Keep out of reach of the children.

Store at room temperature.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


100 g, 250 g, 2.5 kg, 1 kg

Pakistan Reg No. 021277