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Sannavit C-100 (Oral Powder)



Sannavit C-100 is indicated to overcome the deficiency of vitamin C in extreme cold or hot weather conditions. It also strengthens the egg shells and helps improving the egg production in poultry. It also helps in improving the debility and stress of infections in poultry and livestock.


Each 100 gm contains:

Vitamin C B.P …………. 100 gm

Dosage and Administration


1 gm per 20 liters of drinking water for 3 consecutive days.

Large animals:

3 – 5 gm per 50 kg body weight for 3 consecutive days.

Precautions For Use

Use only on veterinarian advice.

Keep out of reach of the children.

Store at room temperature.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


100 g, 1 kg, 25 kg

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