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Sanatone (Oral Powder)



Recommended for the improvement of alimentary and ruminal digestive abilities through normalization of forestomach digestion in ruminants. It also corrects indigestion related to disease convalescence, fever, feed intoxication, in diarrhoea and acetonemia cases in large and small ruminants. It helps to improve gastric pH, ruminal contractions and other chronic ailments which ultimately resulted in better production and weight gain in animals.


Each 1000 gm of Powder contains:

Ca-Propionate 201 gm                       Zn-Sulfate 0.11 gm
Na- Propionate 402.7 gm                  Mn-Sulfate 0.21 gm
Mag. Sulfate 124 gm                        Cu-Sulfate 0.45 gm
Iron Sulfate 0.41 gm                       Co-Chloride 0.41 gm
Na- chloride 264.3 gm                      Na-Selenite 0.11 gm
Vitamin A 750000 iu                        Dicalcium phos. 3000 gm
Vitamin D3 350000 iu                       Vitamin E 1000 gm

Dosage & Administration


100 gm in drinking water


25 gm in drinking water


5 gm in drinking water

Sanatone should be mixed with water & drenched.

Repeat the treatment after 24 hours.

Precautions for use

  • Prepare fresh for daily use
  • Store in a cool and dark place
  • In case of persisted problems consult the Veterinarian

Packing (S)

100 g   Sachet

500 g   Sachet / Jar

1 kg     Sachet / Jar

Pakistan Reg. No. 035128