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Pamusan (Vaccine) Oil based HS Vaccine



Haemorrhagic septicaemia is a deadly and endemic disease of livestock. It is prevalent especially in low lying and arid areas of Pakistan. The disease is frequently present in rainy season and occasional cases are found in other seasons of the year as well. Usually six month old to 2 years old animals are more prone to the disease.


Inactivated, oil adjuvanted Pasteurella multocida vaccine against H. S disease in cattle & buffaloes.

Pamusan contains latest immuno-modulatory substances. It imparts 90-95% immunity in the target animals only after 10 days of initial injection at the age of 6 months. For enhances and improved immunity, second injection is recommended after 4-6 weeks of first injection followed by the annual injection one month before the start of rainy season.

Improved Qualities:

Pamusan vaccine contains the most efficient immuno-modulators which are acceptable worldwide.

Solid Immunity:

In our recent studies of the vaccine, Pamusan, the trials have showed 90-95% immunity as compared to other market available H. S vaccines. It provides solid and long-lasting  immunity with high protection rate in the target animals.


Pamusan is not costly as compared to the market available H. S vaccine but it’s quality is much more than those vaccines.

Stress Free:

Pamusan provides more advanced formula to over-come the post-vaccination stress in the target animals and thereby not affecting the growth rate of the growing animals.

Risk Free:

Pamusan is completely inactivated vaccine as the manufacturing process is validated with in-process control measures resulting in to absolutely risk free administration to the animals.

Dosage and Administration

Cattle/Buffaloes: 3 ml per animal (S/C)

Calves: 2 ml per animal (S/C)

Precautions For Use

Shake well before use.

Store at room temperature.

Boil the syringe and needle before injecting the vaccine.

Vaccinate the animals at 6 months of age initially and repeat after 4-6 weeks to enhance immunity status. Then repeat one month before rainy season on annual basis.


 5 ml Vial,

100 ml Vial,

300 ml Vial

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