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VESTOL-200 is recommended in low fertility and hatch-ability, immune-suppression, muscular dystrophy, exudative encephalomalacia (crazy chick disease) in poultry. It is also recommended in ascities, hypoxia, fatigue, convalescence, poor start in young birds, travel sickness, hepatitis and arthritis in poultry.

Description Of The Product

Vestol-200 is a proven synergistic combination of Selenium and Vitamin E with added qualities of zinc, which are inevitable for combating low fertility and hatchability, immune-suppression, muscular dystrophy, exudative encephalomalacia (crazy chick disease) in poultry.



Vitamin E

·         Protects cell membranes from oxidation (antioxidant activity).

·         Plays a role in smooth muscle growth.

·         Plays a role in neurological functions.

·         Inhibits platelet aggregation.

·         It is necessary for fertility.



Selenium (Sodium selenite)

  • Is an essential micronutrient for birds and animals.
  • Selenium deficiency in poultry is associated with decreased productive and reproductive performances, and the development of various diseases affecting major body systems, including the muscles, heart-vascular and nervous system. Addressing selenium deficiencies, however, does not only improve poultry health, there is also the potential for selenium-enriched food to benefit human health.

Why enrich with selenium?

  • The average human intake of selenium is below the recommended daily allowance. Suboptimal selenium intakes can be a risk factor for adverse health conditions and diseases.
  • Consumers have greater awareness of the need for increased selenium in the diet. This creates a consumer pull effect.
  • Inclusion of organic selenium in poultry diets also improves performance.
Zinc (Zinc sulphate) ·         Although the importance of zinc as a nutrient has been known for over a century, we are still learning its roles both nutritionally and pharmacologically. Zinc is critical to maintaining appetite, reproductive efficiency, skin and skeletal health, a strong immune system, and a host of other functions as a cofactor for over 200 enzymes. More recently the pharmacological role of zinc as a feed additive has been proven scientifically. Using a trace mineralized salt that is well fortified with bioavailable zinc is the foundation for maintaining the performance, health and vitality of livestock and poultry.


Research based proven synergistic combination

Improves immunity status of birds

Decreases mortality and diseases

Combination of choice in combating low fertility and hatchability

Prevents vitamin e deficienY which results in low fertility

Enhances fertility and egg production in layers

Route to healthy flock and prosperous farmers

Cost effective quality product

Zero side effects

Enhances appetite

Improves FCR considerably

Dosage And Administration


1 ml per 8 liters of drinking water for 3 to 5 days

Note: The dose can be adjusted according to fluctuation in water consumption due to weather and temperature; according to the directions of the veterinarian.


Store in a dark and dry place at room temperature.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heat.