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Oxanazole (Oral Suspension)



Oxanazole is recommended for the control and treatment of roundworm, lungworm and tapeworm infestations in domesticated animals. It covers up all stages of immature and adult parasites. Particularly indicated in the control and treatment of parasitic infestations for the following animals:

Cattle /Sheep/Goat: Within 6-8 hours of dosing, it clears up nematode eggs in faeces. Highly resistant forms of Haemonchus strains showed sensitivity to Oxanazole. Ostertagia larvae are much sensitive to Oxanazole.

Horse/Camel: Oxanazole controls adult nematodes and expels eggs from faeces within 24 hours of dosing. It gives complete recovery from intestinal and arterial aneurisms due to various strongylus spp. It provides complete recovery against strongylus, oxyurids and cooperia infestations.


Each ml Oral Suspension Contains:

Oxfendazole B.P.V…….22.65 mg

Dosage and Administration

Cattle /Camel: 1 ml Oxanazole per 8 kg b.w PO

Body Weight Recommended Dose
80-160kg 10-20ml
160-240kg 20-30ml
240-320kg 30-40ml
320-400kg 40-50ml
400-480kg 50-60ml
480-560kg 60-70ml
560-640kg 70-80ml
More than 640kg 5ml /40kg b.w


Sheep/Goat: 1 ml Oxanazole per 5 kg b.w PO

Body Weight Recommended Dose
10-20kg 2-4ml
20-40kg 4-8ml
40-60kg 8-12ml
More than 60kg. 1ml/5kg b.w


Horse: 1 ml Oxanazole per 2.2 kg b.w PO

Body Weight Recommended Dose
40-90kg 20-40ml
90-180kg 40-80ml
180-360kg 80-160ml
360-450kg 160-200
More than 450kg 10ml /22kg b.w

Precautions For Use

  • Shake well before use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Give recommended dose by mouth using standard dosing equipment
  • For veterinary use only
  • Do not store above 25 ºC, protect from frost.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


30 ml Bottle

100 ml Can

250 ml Can

450 ml Can

1 liter Can

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